Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday? What Happened To Tuesday?

Crikey! It's already near the end of the week and I feel like I missed the first half! I did not get much beading done yesterday. The shaded piece is being done in colors I really don't like (personally) so I'm almost having to force myself to play with it. It's gorgeous, it's just not the color for me. It is, however, the asbolutely best color for a lot of you ou there. Then my cedar allergies kicked my butt yesterday and I ended up taking a *gasp* nap! Oh my stars, I feel so middle-aged.

Don't laugh, but I'm trying to get some sort of daily schedule going here, at home, where I work. It's part of my ORGANIZATION intention for 2009. It's been a while since I adhered to any type of schedule. For the past many years I've just been flying by the seat of my pants on a daily basis. Well, no more! I'm a changing woman!

I leave you this morning with a wonderful thought: destress with chocolate. Mmmmm. Works for me!