Monday, March 31, 2008

Dodging Bullets

I see five of these beauties in my yard this summer. No roosters, just hens. You don't need a rooster to make eggs, just to make chicks, and roosters are mean. Plymouth Barred roosters are not quite as mean as others, but they're still pretty feisty. We chose the Plymouth Barred hens because they are prolific layers. So, when the eggs start rolling in, I'll let y'all know! Now the reason they won't be here until at least this summer is that all the hatcheries are out of chicks right now! *whew* I guess I dodged a bullet there, because I'm not ready for keeping five little chickens safe from varmints and cats! We need feeding and water pans, heat lamps, and OH MY GOODNESS a chicken coop! None of that is ready.

The garden is mostly planted, except for potatoes. We didn't plant any potatoes. T-man is waiting to fix my mom's tiller, then he'll plant them (he says). We'll see. He was even talking goats and bees, but I informed him that I'm not milking anything and bees need shade, which we don't really have. *whew* I really dodged that bullet, didn't I? If you keep bees, you will get stung -- often! I don't like being stung. And goats need to be wormed and vaccinated and fenced and whatever else. Nope, no time here for goat keeping.

We also have plants to propagate for sale -- jade plants, sanseveria, pencil plants, pothos, swedish ivy, agaves, etc. They should be ready in a couple of weeks if the weather holds. And T-man has started making flower basket hangers with dragonflies on them (Cat, I'll send pictures!). He has been happily cutting and welding out in his fortress of solitude. It makes for a much more relaxed T-man. And he enjoys having his hands in the dirt. Instead of rushing to fix the tiller, he did most of the garden with his bare hands. The lettuce we planted two years ago has come up! That is correct -- two years ago. It did not come up when we planted it. Nope, nope -- it came up this year, and it is GOOD! There's nothing like fresh butter-leaf lettuce for your salad, except maybe the cantaloupes that came up near the firewood one year. They were a total surprise as we had never planted any melons anywhere on the property. We had cantaloupe with every meal for three months! And T-man took them work to give away.

Today is my last day of beading before I start being attached to this computer. I've been working on a Laura McCabe piece. I love the way she puts her kits together. It's given me a lot to consider about my own kits, so there may be some changes soon. And I think my calendar is running a week ahead, because I'm not teaching tonight. I'm teaching NEXT Monday. *whew* There went another bullet! I was not ready to spend the day printing, sorting, packaging as there was very little sleep the past three days. Now I can spread my preparations over a couple of days and chill out a bit.

So, today will be a sort of play day for me. I'm trying to keep it very low stress, since I have the next four weeks to completely freak out! I really wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha and everything would be done. Oh, that would really be a talent to have, wouldn't it?

I've added some new web site and blog links over there. Oh, and I changed the music for a while. It's kind of jazzy, not too loud -- let me know what you think. Have a great day, and remember:
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 28, 2008

Today Has Been Cancelled . . .

. . . due to lack of interest. I just cannot get myself motivated. Maybe it's due to lack of sleep, maybe it's the dull gray day, maybe it's because plans made fell through. I don't know what it is, but it really sucks. So, I think I'll go bead something sparkly that has nothing to do with work and we'll see what happens. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Selected Randomness . . .

Hummingbird Pattern
No big topic today, just random thoughts, which totally goes against Blogging Without Obligation. But as I have said, I have not yet committed to B.W.O. completely.

So, I was cruising Etsy. I like to look at the Treasury and the Time Machine, and sometimes the Showcase. I love how on Etsy the 70's and 80's are vintage. My goodness, I must be ancient! The vintage beads I've sold were all dated prior to 1920, and I was always told that antique referred to 100 years or older. Hmmm . . . . my favorite wine is a good vintage at 2006. What are your thoughts? Here is the definition of "vintage" according to Webster's Dictionary:
Pronunciation: \vin-tij\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, probably alteration of vendage, from Anglo-French vendage, vendenge, from Latin vindemia grape-gathering, vintage, from vinum wine, grapes + demere to take off, from de- + emere to take — more at wine, redeem
Date: 15th century
1 a (1): a season's yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard (2): wine; especially : a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year b: a collection of contemporaneous and similar persons or things : crop
2: the act or time of harvesting grapes or making wine
3 a: a period of origin or manufacture (a piano of 1845 vintage) b: length of existence : age

The taxes are done. Turbo Tax rocks. We are getting a refund (yippee) which helps immensely. I love my little tax deductions. They are the joy of my life. Now, if we can just figure out a way to deduct the cats, everything will be wonderful. I'll help Natalie do hers tonight, if she's here. Ah, the life of a teenager. Even though I'm vintage, I can still remember the 70's. It's the 80's that are sometimes blurry.

Today is filled with more stitching, trying to finish just two more projects. I can't wait to start typing instructions and making graphics (she said sarcastically). Oh yes, that is so much fun. But hey, it's what I get paid for, right? And if I get it taken care of ASAP, maybe I can squeeze just one more project in there.

Last but not least, I have a wish list for this summer. First, I want a color laser printer. I keep thinking how much simpler my life might be with eight copies per minute. Second, I want a Fly Pen. If you don't know what this is, go to Fly World. I dream of just writing my notes and plugging the chip into the computer, and everything is all typed up and just needs to be refined, oh my stars, I can't wait, my life will finally, FINALLY, be simpler. YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS!!!!! Not only that, but it will probably be a big help to the girls with homework, too. See, I sometimes share! And there is probably more to the wish list, but right now those are the main things I would like to purchase. And since they are for work, they get deducted next year.

Next week, I'll add some new links to the blogs and I know I need to work on my web site and update it. I have some shows to add and some new pictures (hopefully). Work, work, work. Theresa is getting to be a very dull girl.

And on that note, I must be off! I'll post tomorrow, because after all, tomorrow is another day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yesterday . . . .

easterWe went to my parents' for Easter dinner. Ariel (yes, I put her name in and no, not the Little Mermaid -- go read Shakespeare) hunted eggs. There was a small problem finding some of the eggs. The Easter bunny came out to help.bunnyWe think Ariel may have it figured out, but she's pleading innocence.

I got called the "Ninja Photographer" yesterday by my darling Natalie.For the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

I have decided to wait on the photos of the new items. They are starting to add up. I've got just a few days to finish up, then I must start typing instructions. I'm teaching a class next Monday night for the Georgetown Satellite group of the Austin Stitchers. The Georgetown group is so hospitable, I love visiting with them. And since I have just a few days, I must be off. I leave you with this photo of the wisteria that grows behind my mom's house. Just let me say that this year it's not nearly as full as it usually is! The tree it's growing in (mom's blooming cedar) is about 20 feet tall, just to give you an idea. The wisteria grows down the hill in the back and across a little fence off to the right. The main body of the plant is about the size of a car, and the trunk is a good five inches in diameter. I've managed to kill every cutting she has given me. Keep on stitchin' on, beadlings!wisteria

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Yes, it is official. It is now spring. Tell that to the folks in Chicago and parts of Maine right now! HAH!

I don't have much to report. My brain is buzzing with lots of ideas that just need to be executed. Isn't that a weird term for putting thought into action? Hmmmm, I wonder where that came from. But I digress. I'm planning to do another trunk show in May, details to follow.

It is so nice outside. I'm glad it's starting to get warmer, because I try to go out in the sun each day. No, no, not to the point where I burn. I may be a brunette (naturally), but I still have that damned Celtic skin that does not tan well. But I sit out just long enough to sip a cup of coffee. Everyone knows that sunshine helps out bodies produce Vitamin D and helps boost our immune system. It also helps fight depression. So, all things in moderation, I sit in the sun for a few minutes each morning that it's nice. Try it. And if that doesn't work, visit Pam's journal site, Heartbeats at My Feet and check out the doggie 12 steps to happiness! Have a wonderful Spring Equinox and a Happy Easter.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looks Like We're In For Stormy Weather . . .

This will be a quickie, kids. I just checked the radar, and my house is sitting between two large thunderstorms. Whoopie! Fortunately for me, the tornado watch is quite a ways off.

Up until the time N was old enough to be aware of Mommy's feelings, I was terrified of thunderstorms. I would curl up somewhere and make myself as small as possible until every thing was finished. My grandmother's house had a tin roof. Do you know what golf ball sized hail sounds like on a tin roof?? I had to teach myself to be unafraid so that she wouldn't be. In fact, when she was six or so, we had a big discussion about thunder, lightning and wind because a friend of mine had scared my baby half to death, and N was sure we were all going to die right then and there!! Then I married a man who loves to watch storms roll in. Lucky for him, we live on a flat prairie that gets little twisters, and yes we've watched a couple of them form and disappear!

Last May, we had a horribly strong storm with straight line winds that took the roof off of T-man's workshop, blew my carport away, and split the big wood playscape. Of course, A had just finished watching "The Wizard of Oz". Talk about bad timing. The lights went out. A went and got her favorite stuffed animal, a book and a flashlight. Unfortunately, every time she wanted to say something to Mommy or Daddy, that light hit us square in the eyes. We're trying NOT to scold her and NOT to laugh. All she wanted was reassurance that we were not in a tornado like Dorothy!

Now, of course, these storms cause a different type of worry -- the large plate-glass windows, the glass patio door, the shingles on the roof, the new roof on the workshop, my newish car, etc. And I just checked the radar again, and the storms are just about overhead, so I'm off! Bead happy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

Pionta Guinness, le do thoil!! Aye, 'tis Saint Paddy's day. For those of you who don't know, my given name is Theresa Adele Murphy. My great-great grandfather was an immigrant. My grandfather was a migrant worker, and died when my father was a small boy. Unfortunately, "Murphy" is the Irish equivalent of "Smith" or "Jones". The clan name "Murphy" has two mottos. The first is "Fortes et Hospitatis", which means "strong and hospitable". The lesser motto is "To conquer rather than die." Hard-headed, we are. And did you know that March is Irish Heritage Month? It is! Most Americans are not aware of the huge role that Irish immigrants have played in the history of our country. I won't give you a history lesson here, but the History Channel has some great things going on this month regarding the Irish. Here is one factoid for you. Most of us here regard (or did so when we were younger) St. Patrick's Day as a drinking holiday, HOWEVER, in Ireland it is traditionally a sober, religious holiday and until very recently, pubs were forbidden to be open on March 17.

I'll be back later with beady stuff. I may go check the History Channel to see what's on. I leave you with this thought:
As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.

Slán agus beannacht leat!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday!!

It's Friday, and I do the dance of joy for those of you who count on Friday to end your week. Joy, joy, joy to you! Here are some beady links to enjoy.

Oh my stars!! It's true! Pam Way has a blog!! You must go peruse. Suzanne Cooper has posted her 100th newsletter! Way to go, Suze! Have you checked out Bead Pattern Central yet? For some extraordinary eye-candy, check out Yoshie Marubashi and Melanie Doerman. I could give you a hundred more eye-candy links, but then you might never make it back! Girlfriendology has a contest for the month of March. And what would Friday be without some shameless self-promotion?

And finally, Heather Powers put out a call on Art Bead Scene for pictures of pieces worked in herringbone with art beads. I love herringbone stitch. It is so versatile, and I have learned how to use it in so many ways. Here are just three of the pieces I've done combining herringbone with art beads:

This one is worked in regular, tubular herringbone. I bought the art bead from Jecly Romberg, but I'm not sure who made it.

This one is worked in tubular herringbone, with four different sizes of seed beads. The art bead is a dichroic glass pendant.

And this one is worked in tubular herringbone with beads inserted. The art bead came from a lampwork artist in New Mexico, whose name is somewhere in the black hole known as my studio. N named it and keeps threatening to confiscate it.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Beading

A and I took a break yesterday and had lunch with my parents. Yes, I took beading to do. I'm non-stop right now. But sometimes just a change of place is relaxing. And, rather than feed you forced words and thoughts, it's back to work I go. But in the vein of not providing you with forced words and thoughts, I thought I would send you over to Blogging Without Obligation. I haven't linked before, but as I am in a beading frenzy, it kind of rang true today.

So, be off with you and do something creative. Send me pictures, postcards, good thoughts, cookies -- whichever you feel is appropriate!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy, Busy Bee

I'm not ignoring you. I know I promised you pictures, and they will be here later. I'm trying to get as much beading done this month as possible, since I'll be writing instructions during the entire month of April.

It's Spring Break for the school district, so A is home for the week. Her week has started with rain and thunderstorms. This does not make her happy, not to mention the fact that one of her lovely teachers gave homework to be done over Spring Break. I guarantee you she's not working this week. That kind of thing just pisses me off. It's totally unnecessary for fifth graders to have homework over their break.

Okie dokie, I hear the next round of thunderstorms coming in and I've got beads calling from the other room. There will be more tomorrow, I promise. In the meantime, I leave you with this deep thought and quote:
The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity. Thomas

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday!

Actually, it's the first Friday of the month, so that meant beading with the Beadalicious Beaders again. It was a joy, as always. I have finished the business card case and will take pictures this weekend so you can have a peak.

Here is a nice link to a French beadwork site called Les Fiches de Biloba. There is a translation button at the bottom of each page, but you don't need that for the eye candy. Don't forget to check out her blog, also (again, easily translated for reading).

I had lots of time to look through Artful Blogging the other day, and now I'm ready to explore online. I should have lots of luscious links for you next week. And I'll have some new photos of samples for my newest kits (yes, a little shameless plug for the blogger). So, have a great weekend. Stay warm and dry, and bead happy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ain't It Great When You Get Some?

Sleep, glorious sleep, I got some sleep! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the wind is not howling down the chimney! I feel good!! Plus, I am mere rows from completion. All is right in my little corner of the world!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Today is YUCK. Today is depressing. It is windy, it is cold, and it is raining non-stop. It's not just raining; the rain is coming down sideways from the north. Yuck. Plus, I did not sleep. It was HOT last night (yes, the freakish Central Texas weather strikes again) and the wind was blowing. There is something about that noise that totally unnerves me. I would never have made it as my ancestors did, traveling across the prairie, sleeping (or not) on the prairie. It's bad enough on our modern day Texas prairie; I cannot even imagine what it would be like without buildings and cars to buffer the noise.

Look what I won! How did you win that, T?? Well, you know all those links over there to the right?? You should visit some of them. Actually, I won this from Cindy Gimbrone when she and her studio were the subject of Studio Saturdays at Art Bead Scene. I don't often win things, so you can imagine my surprise on finding out that I got the prize!

I did a stupid thing yesterday when KC came by. I offered her some of the agaves that T-man had dropped near the drive way (there were simply too many to put into pots right away). I reached to pull one out, not realizing that they are firmly rooted now, the wind gusted and I got stuck by the freaking thorns. Now my hand hurts like hell!

What are agaves? Well, if you don't live down here, they are pretty much like big, bad-assed weeds, but they make for a lovely xeriscape and they need almost no care at all. They are the family of plants whence tequila comes (good word, "whence"). You can see the thorns in this picture.

I'm almost finished with the business card case. I've got another designed and waiting in the wings. I've been a stitching maniac, sore hand and all. So, I think I'll go watch some mindless TV and stitch away. Please send some sunshine my way today! I could really use it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Short Saturday Post

I am off to Mom and Dad's today, as baby bro and his family are in town. After four weeks of "we'll be there this weekend" they finally made it. If it wasn't due to bad weather, it was due to colds and flu! The little nephews are four and three now, and we make it a point to try to visit whenever they come down from Dallas.

I've got a new link in the blogs (thanks to Margot. It's Girlfriendology and it has a TON of good stuff for all you girlfriends. Of course, one of the first things I saw was the link (and I should say LINKS) to all the fantastic shopping sites.

I had a great time with the Beadalicious Beaders yesterday, as always. There was great show and tell as just about everyone had something to pass around. I got a lot of beading done, too! I'm taking the project with me today. I am just about to where I was when I made the horrendous mistake that necessitated deconstruction! Have a great weekend!