Thursday, March 27, 2008

Selected Randomness . . .

Hummingbird Pattern
No big topic today, just random thoughts, which totally goes against Blogging Without Obligation. But as I have said, I have not yet committed to B.W.O. completely.

So, I was cruising Etsy. I like to look at the Treasury and the Time Machine, and sometimes the Showcase. I love how on Etsy the 70's and 80's are vintage. My goodness, I must be ancient! The vintage beads I've sold were all dated prior to 1920, and I was always told that antique referred to 100 years or older. Hmmm . . . . my favorite wine is a good vintage at 2006. What are your thoughts? Here is the definition of "vintage" according to Webster's Dictionary:
Pronunciation: \vin-tij\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, probably alteration of vendage, from Anglo-French vendage, vendenge, from Latin vindemia grape-gathering, vintage, from vinum wine, grapes + demere to take off, from de- + emere to take — more at wine, redeem
Date: 15th century
1 a (1): a season's yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard (2): wine; especially : a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year b: a collection of contemporaneous and similar persons or things : crop
2: the act or time of harvesting grapes or making wine
3 a: a period of origin or manufacture (a piano of 1845 vintage) b: length of existence : age

The taxes are done. Turbo Tax rocks. We are getting a refund (yippee) which helps immensely. I love my little tax deductions. They are the joy of my life. Now, if we can just figure out a way to deduct the cats, everything will be wonderful. I'll help Natalie do hers tonight, if she's here. Ah, the life of a teenager. Even though I'm vintage, I can still remember the 70's. It's the 80's that are sometimes blurry.

Today is filled with more stitching, trying to finish just two more projects. I can't wait to start typing instructions and making graphics (she said sarcastically). Oh yes, that is so much fun. But hey, it's what I get paid for, right? And if I get it taken care of ASAP, maybe I can squeeze just one more project in there.

Last but not least, I have a wish list for this summer. First, I want a color laser printer. I keep thinking how much simpler my life might be with eight copies per minute. Second, I want a Fly Pen. If you don't know what this is, go to Fly World. I dream of just writing my notes and plugging the chip into the computer, and everything is all typed up and just needs to be refined, oh my stars, I can't wait, my life will finally, FINALLY, be simpler. YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS!!!!! Not only that, but it will probably be a big help to the girls with homework, too. See, I sometimes share! And there is probably more to the wish list, but right now those are the main things I would like to purchase. And since they are for work, they get deducted next year.

Next week, I'll add some new links to the blogs and I know I need to work on my web site and update it. I have some shows to add and some new pictures (hopefully). Work, work, work. Theresa is getting to be a very dull girl.

And on that note, I must be off! I'll post tomorrow, because after all, tomorrow is another day!