Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looks Like We're In For Stormy Weather . . .

This will be a quickie, kids. I just checked the radar, and my house is sitting between two large thunderstorms. Whoopie! Fortunately for me, the tornado watch is quite a ways off.

Up until the time N was old enough to be aware of Mommy's feelings, I was terrified of thunderstorms. I would curl up somewhere and make myself as small as possible until every thing was finished. My grandmother's house had a tin roof. Do you know what golf ball sized hail sounds like on a tin roof?? I had to teach myself to be unafraid so that she wouldn't be. In fact, when she was six or so, we had a big discussion about thunder, lightning and wind because a friend of mine had scared my baby half to death, and N was sure we were all going to die right then and there!! Then I married a man who loves to watch storms roll in. Lucky for him, we live on a flat prairie that gets little twisters, and yes we've watched a couple of them form and disappear!

Last May, we had a horribly strong storm with straight line winds that took the roof off of T-man's workshop, blew my carport away, and split the big wood playscape. Of course, A had just finished watching "The Wizard of Oz". Talk about bad timing. The lights went out. A went and got her favorite stuffed animal, a book and a flashlight. Unfortunately, every time she wanted to say something to Mommy or Daddy, that light hit us square in the eyes. We're trying NOT to scold her and NOT to laugh. All she wanted was reassurance that we were not in a tornado like Dorothy!

Now, of course, these storms cause a different type of worry -- the large plate-glass windows, the glass patio door, the shingles on the roof, the new roof on the workshop, my newish car, etc. And I just checked the radar again, and the storms are just about overhead, so I'm off! Bead happy!