Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling Beachy

What can I say? I was thinking of warm beaches, shells and bits of flotsam. It will be accompanying me on trips to the beach later in the year. Evidently, I was on a roll in the studio today. And I was STRINGING. This is the third completed project for the day. Okay, it was two-and-a-half. One was just lengthening an already complete piece.

(C) 2012 Theresa Buchle
So this is exposure number 1.

(C) 2012 Theresa Buchle

And this is exposure number 2, in which the colors are a little more accurate. It was difficult to capture the iridescence of some of the beads, most notably the little glass stars.

Bead on, beadlings!


(C) 2012 Theresa Buchle

Finally! Inspiration finally hit and I was able to finish my Bead Soup Blog Party piece. You all know I'm a seed bead girl and the tinier the bead the better, so stringing was a challenge to say the least. The big reveal will be at midnight on March 3rd when you can see all the participants' work. I can't wait. I may have to stay up all night just to do the hop from blog to blog. I will have links for you, don't worry. I wouldn't keep that kind of fun to myself.

And now I must return to my design desk to finish another procrastination project. I'm hoping this works like a snowball rolling downhill rather than a snowball ending up down below. I can't cross my fingers, if I do I can't work. Do that for me?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Look What I Got!

I got my bead soup from Skylar!

I was just blown away by her generosity. I feel like I should send her more beads.

Check out this focal set and clasp. These are the "must use" components of the mix. the lampwork set is from Crystal Brashear. She is on vacation but you can always check her shop later.

Have you noticed the colors yet? The ones that are my favorite palette?

I may swoon!

This is truly bead porn, don't you think?

Seed beads! (As a matter of fact, I DO need more seed beads.)

There was also a lovely hand-written note from Skylar, some hard candy (snagged by T-man, but that's okay), and an added goody:

Look at this sweet little set! It reminds me of blue bonnets.

Okay, one final peek.

The big reveal is March 3. I do believe I'll be making something for myself. I haven't done so in a while, and I made a promise to T-man a while back that once a year I would make something that was solely for myself.

Be sure to keep checking in. I'll post updates with what I'm making. Tomorrow is trout fishing day (if it doesn't rain too much). Mmm - trout for dinner sure would be tasty. Cross your fingers. Until the next time, keep on beadin' on!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012