Monday, March 3, 2008


Today is YUCK. Today is depressing. It is windy, it is cold, and it is raining non-stop. It's not just raining; the rain is coming down sideways from the north. Yuck. Plus, I did not sleep. It was HOT last night (yes, the freakish Central Texas weather strikes again) and the wind was blowing. There is something about that noise that totally unnerves me. I would never have made it as my ancestors did, traveling across the prairie, sleeping (or not) on the prairie. It's bad enough on our modern day Texas prairie; I cannot even imagine what it would be like without buildings and cars to buffer the noise.

Look what I won! How did you win that, T?? Well, you know all those links over there to the right?? You should visit some of them. Actually, I won this from Cindy Gimbrone when she and her studio were the subject of Studio Saturdays at Art Bead Scene. I don't often win things, so you can imagine my surprise on finding out that I got the prize!

I did a stupid thing yesterday when KC came by. I offered her some of the agaves that T-man had dropped near the drive way (there were simply too many to put into pots right away). I reached to pull one out, not realizing that they are firmly rooted now, the wind gusted and I got stuck by the freaking thorns. Now my hand hurts like hell!

What are agaves? Well, if you don't live down here, they are pretty much like big, bad-assed weeds, but they make for a lovely xeriscape and they need almost no care at all. They are the family of plants whence tequila comes (good word, "whence"). You can see the thorns in this picture.

I'm almost finished with the business card case. I've got another designed and waiting in the wings. I've been a stitching maniac, sore hand and all. So, I think I'll go watch some mindless TV and stitch away. Please send some sunshine my way today! I could really use it.