Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Yes, it is official. It is now spring. Tell that to the folks in Chicago and parts of Maine right now! HAH!

I don't have much to report. My brain is buzzing with lots of ideas that just need to be executed. Isn't that a weird term for putting thought into action? Hmmmm, I wonder where that came from. But I digress. I'm planning to do another trunk show in May, details to follow.

It is so nice outside. I'm glad it's starting to get warmer, because I try to go out in the sun each day. No, no, not to the point where I burn. I may be a brunette (naturally), but I still have that damned Celtic skin that does not tan well. But I sit out just long enough to sip a cup of coffee. Everyone knows that sunshine helps out bodies produce Vitamin D and helps boost our immune system. It also helps fight depression. So, all things in moderation, I sit in the sun for a few minutes each morning that it's nice. Try it. And if that doesn't work, visit Pam's journal site, Heartbeats at My Feet and check out the doggie 12 steps to happiness! Have a wonderful Spring Equinox and a Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, I too am melanin challenged. I'm a Mexican who doesn't tan well. I go back to bed around 9am for 30min (since my doggie alarm starts barking at 630am.) I nap in the warm sunshine that comes over the neighbors house and through my chandelier crystal valance. It rechages my "batteries", and the light show is awsome. Let's call it my morning coffee.

Happy Equinox

Bead-Mused said...

That's because you are descended from the Spaniards, dearest! Just call us pale-skins! Will you come hand all my light catchers for me??
And a Joyous Vernal Equinox/Ostara to you!