Monday, January 12, 2009

Apologies For Lack Of Pics, Inspiration, And Other Musings

I apologize. There are no pictures of the new necklace. My loaner computer will not open my photo diskettes (I have an older Mavica). It just wants to try to format them! And the computer doesn't have enough virtual memory for the scanner. On the upside, the computer is free and it lets me connect to the outside world. However, I'm still at a standstill as far as everything else goes. T-man suggested that I fill up some diskettes and then take them to his office to load them onto various spots in cyber space. We'll see. I still need to update the web site but I'm very hesitant to do so. Have I mentioned that this computer is free? Okay. I'm going to attempt a My Space page today and maybe a Facebook page. We'll see how that goes.

I have taken Ariel to school, read my paper (online), scanned the red carpet fashions, had my first cup of coffee and cuddled with my pooch (who thought she was going to type with me). The sun is shining HOWEVER it is colder than . . . . . well, you know. So, on to the musings.

Yesterday, T-man pulled the last of our 2008 tomatoes off the vine. Yes, we had a ton of tomatoes last year and we probably will have just as many this year. We marked out the areas for this year's gardens (please notice the plural there). There are lovely orange marks in my back yard now. I've got the seed catalog ready to start writing the orders in so that it's ready to mail off in a couple of weeks. This year we're going to add more veggies and some herbs, and do some things a little differently. The idea is to save money at the grocery store and to make up for our very expensive eggs! Oh, but they are soooo good and they are soooo pretty (another picture I have not been able to share with you) and we get anywhere from two to five eggs per day. But based on the cost of the coop and feed, they are still very expensive eggs. We may get more hens this spring. We're definitely thinking about it.

As I mentioned, I was scanning the red carpet fashions from the past two awards shows, but I noticed that no one seemed to be wearing the Pantone Color of the Year. It's a beautiful color, don't you think? And it plays so nicely with others. My question is, how do they decide which color gets to be the Color of the Year? Have you ever looked at Pantone's color selection?? Don't forget to check out their spring fashion report while you are there. And go take a look at what Swarovski has planned for us. Inspiration abounds this morning. Hmmm.

So, I'm off the see what I can do on the computer today and maybe get some stitching in this afternoon. Stay warm, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

All the mimosa trees I've ever seen have pink blossoms, not screamin' yellow.

Bead-Mused said...


But maybe they meant the drink. After all, "mimosa" sounds much prettier than "mustard", which is pretty much the color of yellow they are featuring!