Friday, January 9, 2009

New Necklace Finished In Record Time

Well, I did what I said I would and made a new necklace. I finished it last night and would give you a picture, but T-man has unplugged the scanner and my fat butt does not fit in the space where the plug and outlet live. I've lost some weight, but not enough to fit in there yet.

The necklace was based on an article by Tina Koyama (love her stuff) in the August-September 2008 issue of Beadwork magazine called "Earthy Collage Necklace". Mine has lots of goodies from Carol Wille, some beads from Heather Powers, and some beads from Pam Way. There are also some nifty seed beads and some vintage West German beads included. In making it, there are definitely some things that veered from Tina's instructions and there are definitely things I would do differently. Ariel has already asked for one of her own when I get some more chain.

Anyway, as soon as the scanner gets plugged in, I'll put a picture up. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, T-man has the day off so I'll go see what he wants to do with the remainder of the day.