Monday, January 12, 2009

This Is A Test

I cannot see my color banner behind my header on this freaking computer. Can you see it? I'd like to know. It's the autumn colors behind all the print (just like on the web site). So I thought I'd pop a couple of old pictures in. Let me know if you can/can't see them.

Summer Bloom Bracelet ©2008 Theresa Buchle

Kiss My Asster ©2006 Theresa Buchle


Anonymous said...

I can see the pics and the banner. Looks like everything is working okay.

Bead-Mused said...

Thank you, sweetie. I wish I could tell from here. *sigh*

Kim said...

I see the colors in your banner and the pics of your amazing work!
Miss you

Bead-Mused said...

Thanks, Kim! I miss you, too. Hopefully we'll get together before the end of the month.