Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inspiration Abounds

Today is another weird Central Texas winter day. The sun is shining, it's warm, and I've been walking around the yard. I found bits and pieces of STUFF around T-man's shop. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to have a PLAY DAY with my clay and my resin and bits and pieces of things that are not necessarily beady. Maybe I'll put together some objects made with metal pieces (and metal-looking pieces) that can become jewelry. By the way, I love the whole Steampunk genre and wish I had more time and resources to delve into it on a bigger scale. In a couple of weeks I'm attending a function through my alumni association, billed as:
. . . an eclectic talk by popular Trinity professor Mike Kearl. Entitled The Futures of Times Past: Retro-Futurism and the Retreat of the Golden Age from the Future to the Past, Professor Kearl's multimedia presentation examines both past utopian visions of the present and contemporary depictions of dys-utopian futures. It develops how these trends underlie the rise of retro-futurism, steam punk, and apocalyptic chic in the arts.
T-man says it's right up my alley. But I digress . . . .

There I was last night, beading along, mango mojito at my side, when I decided I did not like the tension of the piece I was working on, plus I thought I could somehow make it look better or more refined or something. So I took it apart, unbeaded it. Yep, that's what happened, true story. Damn, it's a good thing I've got a small stockpile of samples to send off. However, I must finish two seed bead projects (you saw part of one of them the other day) and get them in the mail by the end of February. As long as I have days like this, it won't be difficult. Days like this are full of inspiration.

I'm off. I'm going to run by and visit Gaye for a bit, then come back to put a pot of pasta sauce on the stove and then bead my fingers to the bone! Yep, bead to the bone! (oh, that is a very bad play on words)