Friday, September 14, 2007

Un-beading Part II

Okay, I have completely un-beaded the necklace and am starting over. Crikey, I hate doing that. I also hate fire ants. Because of all the rain we had, they have made their home in our walls and we are having a hell of a time getting rid of them. Do you know where I found them yesterday? In my microwave. They were in the microwave so thick that I had to get into the car and drive to get something for lunch. Those of you who know where I live realize how long it took. For those of you who don't, I will enlighten you. When I got back home an hour later, lunch was rather cold, and I could not warm it. Fortunately, we live across the road from a professional exterminator. He gave us some stuff called InTice. It's sweet ant bait, and it contains orthoboric acid. We put it near the ants, away from food, and out of reach of the cats. Today, there are far fewer ants in the microwave, but I am afraid they have made a home in the walls of the appliance! Crap, crap, crap!

I am off to the local bead store to pick up beads. I had a little "guinea pig" session a few weeks ago. Basically, when I teach a new class with time constraints, I need help to make sure everything works. So I invited a few beaders over with the promise of free kits. Come to find out, I did not put enough beads in the bracelet kit, so I must fix the problem. A southern lady is only as true as her word, right? And so, hi ho, hi ho, off the bead store I go. And I'm sure I'll come home with a few more beads, because heaven knows I need more beads . . . .


Anonymous said...

I finished the Chocolate cherry Truffle bracelet you have pictured in your 9/14 post. I love it! I especially love that it clings to my arm, therefore covering a recent scar. I want to research other colors of the hexagonal and triangular beads so I could make it in different colors.
Another way to combat ants is to mix boric acid with powered sugar and place it in jar lids in places the pets can't reach. Good luck.
Carol Spurlock

Bead-Mused said...

Carol came by the house Saturday, with her truffle bracelet on. It looked fab! She told me she got all kinds of comments on it. And we discussed color combos and sources for the beads.

As for the ants, read on . . . .