Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Been Beading

First, the bad news. Hubby got laid off a week ago Friday. He's been making money doing those little jobs that he loves to do, and he has been working every day. The problem with the odd jobs is that eventually they run out, the economy can change at any time (as we learned several years ago), and they don't offer benefits. Have you ever asked a specialist what his fee is if you pay them cash??? And we won't even talk about tests, diagnostics or procedures or pharmaceuticals. On the up side, he is out looking as we speak.

Me? I haven't slept since the night before he got laid off. I have been beading, though. I bought this beautiful kit from Ann Benson's Beads East. I love the color, loved the technique, and truly enjoyed making them. But they are just too heavy for my ears, so I may end up having to sell them.

Now to the good stuff. You have 24 hours. My favorite three posts will get a free kit for this bracelet. The kit includes enough beads for an eight inch bracelet, crimp tubes, a PLATED clasp (don't argue -- it's free), Beadalon, and full instructions with color diagrams. You will need a size 12 beading needle and Fireline. If you do not enjoy working with Fireline, I will be very upfront with you -- you will be weaving with it.

Please post something other than "I'm sorry to hear about hubby" or "the earrings are lovely". I want true interactive blogging. Here's your topic: What is your favorite color combination and does it work with beads? For example, my favorite color combo is teal and violet. It doesn't work well simply because it is so difficult to find beads in those colors. I do have a wonderful set from Pam, but I must make repairs to the bracelet before I can post it. But I could not find seed beads or Delica beads in those colors, so I had to work the bracelet with iris beads to blend in.

So, what I would like from you, dear reader, is your favorite combo and whether it not it works with beads and why or why not. And winning posts are at my discretion, so be creative and entertaining with your posts to win a free kit for the lovely lavender/green bracelet. BUT you must leave some way for me to contact you via email. I do get a notification that posts have been made, but I will also need you to follow up your post with your own email. Ready, set, GO! Winners will be named tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi T!
Say Hi to T,N,and A from us. Well, I guess no color combos are really off limits for me. My favorites are still purple, blue, and red. Think amethyst, iolite, and garnets. It all started when my sister's 5yr old decided that she needed to help me prepare for a show. To keep her entertained, I prepared some color combos in little bowls, and gave her some stretch magic. She proceeded to inform me, that she didn’t like my colors, so she made her own. I knotted her bracelets and told her she would get the money for any of her bracelets that sold. And wouldn’t you know it, they all sold. Actually, hers were the first ones to sell. She is now 15yrs old, and every now and then will ask, “Remember when I used to help you make jewelry?” Ever since that experience, I approach colors with the open eyes and mind of a child. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Happy Beading,

Anonymous said...


I've been attempting to bead for 6 yrs. But as you know I've been cursed not once but twice. First in always raising my hand when help is needed which sometimes impedes my ability to actually sit down and bead. Second, talking while trying to learn - this has haunted me since Sister Rosalee ganged up on me in 1st grade and tried to get me to be quite but she too gave up on trying to curb my chatty ways and instead picked me to lead the prayers each morning (I was the only one not shy in standing before the class). When it comes to learning I absorb bits and pieces here and there. But still struggle with putting it all together. But when it comes to shopping - I don't need any stinking classes. Ask Todd who he saved the big wooden bowl for.. Hee hee.

Seriously, You know my favorite colors are PURPLE and GREEN. These colors have always describe me - Purple for passion in everything I do; Green for the money that allows me to do it. I'm so glad those colors a finally trendy. Now, you could say that this is a wonky way to think about fashion or design but w/out passion for beading & w/out money to buy the beads well you know the rest. I think I'm finally getting it but I still consider myself a novice.

Purple and green-when you see those colors...don't you think of me?

One day, when I'm Katherine's age, I might be able to reflect back & give you a definitive answer to your blogged inquiry... Love Juls

Bead-Mused said...

Oh, you two -- you're both talented jewelry artists, far from novices, just so you know. I'm so glad you both posted. Congratulations! You have just won a little beaded bracelet kit! Woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks, I can't wait to get the kit. I've never won anything in my life... "wink"


Bead-Mused said...

Oh, uh yeah, I'm glad you finally won something, Juls (she said tongue in cheek).