Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Beader on the Block

First, the ants are not gone, they just relocated. I hate those little buggers!

While reading the Etsy forums (that's me promoting my shop, you see), I found this incredible beadwork. The beader's name is Maz, her Etsy shop is Amari, and this is what her work looks like. Unfortunately, she's not in Central Texas, so she won't be making our weekend get-together any time soon. BUT you can visit her little shop of beading.

I spent Tuesday with the green beads, sorting, organizing, using a few Mason jars --- it looks like canning gone really bad. I'm about half done with them. That's just the green seed beads, mind you. Yesterday, I took photographs of some more items for the Etsy shop, so there will be some new goodies soon. I'll do some more photography today.
The T-man is home again today, but so far the computer is mine. He had an interview yesterday, which he said went pretty well. He's to hear back tomorrow. Cross your fingers, light a candle, walk in a circle backwards three times, whatever you do for good luck and then send it this way!


Anonymous said...

T-Looks like Linda Blair gone wild. I have my pics to send you but having problems with Outlook 2003 and my editing software, Don't know where my CD's are but I can tell you where my purple beads are... Duh.... Will get them to you as asap. Keep working at it.


Bead-Mused said...

Thanks Juls (I think!). I hadn't thougt of it that way! BTW, the purple beads will be next on the list!