Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beads and Organizing

I've decided that beads do not like to be organized. Oh sure, put all the greens together and put all the reds together, etc., etc., etc. What they do not want is to be put into containers that make it easy for me to see what I have! Sheesh. GG would be proud of me. I sorted focal beads and discovered that I WILL need one of those expensive clear boxes from the big store that sells expensive containers -- ouch! I filled several pint jars with the colors I use so often. Of course, there a lot more waiting. On the upside, the hubby has finally said "yes, you need your own studio in the back yard". Yay me! So if I can keep visualizing it, I'll eventually have it. I can hear you saying "but T, he got laid off". Yes, and more on that situation next week!

I've added some new links. Please go read Moon's blog, and be sure to read "Holy Goddess of the Crapper". I just about did a spit take with the coffee. I also added Susan Mandel's Beadweaver blog. It is a wealth of information and eye candy! I like blogs that are entertaining. Can you tell?

Please give us a new home!! Mama wants to make new earrings!


Anonymous said...

T -

Re your issue on focals. Go to Academy - they have clear fishing tackle boxes that you can adjust the compartments. (2.99-4.99 ea) Cheaper than Container Store). You can clip pieces of velux and place in each square to protect your delicate & expensive focal pieces. The clear top allows you to see each piece clearly, a lable on the edge of the box tells you they are focal beads. They stack nicely in a book shelf and are sturdy. All of my focals, lampwork are tucked softly in each compartment for minimal movement. Oh and those little funky tabs at the end of each box, don't pull them off, they make great pulls when you're looking for a particular box. You can fit just about any size focal and i think maybe 20 pieces depending on what they are and how delicate. I'll send you a photo so you can see what I mean. My tip to you.


Bead-Mused said...

Thanks, Juls. Send me pic if you can. I know what the ones at the big store with the expensive containers look like, but they are pricey!!