Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do you get beady eyed?

You know what I'm talking about. You've beaded so long that your eyes are crossed and teary? Or you are suddenly no longer able to see the big screen TV, but you can easily focus on the size 15 seed beads on your needle? Yup, you are beady eyed! Please feel free to join the club!

The necklace I'm working on decided it liked a beautiful porcelain bead I had rather than the one hubby made. That's okay. The necklace will still be stunning and I have a new plan for the special bead he made. And yes, the piece is predominantly green. I have joked with the hubby that if I had spent all those years selling nothing but purple and green beads, I could have made a mint!

"Okay, you're gonna love this one. A Dachshund, a Poodle and a Great Dane go into a bar . . . "

Well, I've been asked why I didn't finish the joke. You see, Oliver was telling it when he was suddenly distracted by a cat. He never got to the punch line.


Anonymous said...

Darn! Missed the challenge! :-D Just haven't gotten into the habit of blogging yet I guess. I'll answer the question anyway -- PURPLE! And whatever I can find to go with it! But I also like green, teal, blue -- just about any jewel tone. And I frequently get beady eyed -- doesn't everyone?? gaye ;-D

Bead-Mused said...

Well sweetie, I try to put something new up every day. I know you are a busy woman. I think on it, and since you did post regarding the challenge . . . .