Friday, September 7, 2007

The Beads Are Coming, The Beads Are Coming!

First, I spent a lovely day with the Beadalicious Beading Babes in South Austin. I got quite a bit done, but some may need to be redone. Then we did lunch, which was quite tasty. Then after a quick run through the grocery store, I met A at the house. What I was told will send chills through some of you.

It seems that my ever creative youngest child had planned a pool party with four of her friends, and two of them are spending the night.

My house has been taken over by tweens. They have taken over the pool and the hot tub. We anticipate their reign of giggling terror to overtake the living room and the TV next. We will try to appease them with hot dogs, chips, popcorn, KoolAid and cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi T!
The bracelet is absolutely beautious :> . Don't forget to feed the the tweens plenty of chocolate, sugar, and coca-cola right before sending them home. Let's call it "sharing the wealth". (Could that possibly be why my sister only asked me to baby-sit once a year?)

Happy Beading,