Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Okay, so I was running an errand yesterday and I picked up the current issue of In Style magazine. I get home, open a soft drink, sit down and start thumbing through the magazine. I buy this particular magazine because it's a great way to look at trends in clothing and jewelry. Anyway, I'm kind of scanning the table of contents and I see "Make Your Own Jewelry". CRAPOLA!! Et tu, In Style? I flip through the pages, looking for the dastardly article, expecting to find bead stringing lessons, trying to imagine Angelina Jolie making her own earrings (yeah, right -- in between babies), and there it is. Tips on how and where to remake your old jewelry, as in 10 carat diamond engagement rings from that millionaire's son you met while studying Latin at Brown, antique pink sapphire sorority pins from your great aunt who went to Wellesley, your great-grandmother's pearls, etc. *whew* Breathing a sigh of relief, I go back to enjoying my magazine.

The Onion had an article a while back stating that "80% of the US Populace Now Selling Handmade Jewelry". What it doesn't say is if it is their own jewelry they sell or cheap imports from third world countries. I would guess that 80% is a huge overstatement, but it's possible.

Today I am putting spiders in envelopes and mailing them off!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning T!
I agree 80% may be a gross exaggeration. I am thankful for the talented "Artists" who take pride in their artwork, who would much rather unstitch, meltdown, cut apart, or throw something away, rather that sell a less-than-fabulous work of ART. I truly beleive that there will always be a market for true crafts-woman-ship. This valuable lesson I learned from you T. Thank you. You kicked my but when I needed it most.
Many of us have heard the comment at art shows and sales..."I can make that". And to date my favorite reply was by a very talented crochet artist. She made the most beautiful delicate lace-like table cloths and linens for a living. She kept a beautifully framed sign at her table, it read simply..."Yes you can. But, will you?". Let's face it, many people can, but not many will. :>

Happy Beading ;)

PS. How does Matilda feel about spiders in envelopes?

Bead-Mused said...

First, let me just say that Matilda and Lucy are still happily catching insects in their respective webs. Neither of them knows about the mailing of the other spiders!

And second, I'm glad to know you were listening, Clara! And I love that quote!