Monday, September 17, 2007

Beads and Friends

All the comments from Friday and this past weekend have been answered. If you don't ever read them, go through the posts and check them out. Just click on "comments" below, and feel free to leave one of your own.

I had so much fun yesterday! I love the ladies I bead with. Juls took lots of pictures, and as soon as I get them I'll put them up here and on the web site. I also love seeing the color combos everyone chooses. And this time they were gorgeous.

When we have our little "classes", we also do pot luck. Everyone brings a little something, and there is always a lot of fresh fruit and fresh veggies, which I absolutely love. N was munching on the broccoli last night. But this weekend Gaye brought venison sausage (thanks to her hubby the hunter). YUM! Pam brought homemade soup, and I've got to get the recipe. Again, YUM!. Juls brought pasta salad, which A took for lunch today. YUM! Cat made her tuna salad, which always reminds me of being at the lake. YUM! And it's all healthy and good for us, and we don't even realize it as we're scarfing it up!

The latest on the fire ant saga: The InTice works, just slowly. Now I am fascinated by the ants. To use the InTice, you put little dots about the size of a size 8 seed bead (how's that for relating?) every five to six inches. The ants are just drawn to it. But here's what they do. They drop whatever they are carrying, and go for the InTice. It's like a toddler carrying his little truck, but he sees a ball and the truck is suddenly forgotten. When the InTice is gone, we clean up the tiny piles of crumbs. And now when we open the microwave, instead of there being dozens of ants, there are only three or four. If you tap on the wall of the microwave, they all run away. I kid you not. They run to each other, one ant touches all the others, and then they form a retreat line and out of the microwave they go. Cat says I'm weird. I am just fascinated by this little nature study in my kitchen.

I am organizing this week. If I don't do this, I won't be able to bead anymore as I cannot find everything I need right now. I am also photographing items for Etsy (see the link to the store, over there on the right). And I'm designing. We have a big EGA show in February. That's what this week is. Not very entertaining, is it? Keep in mind that when I organize there are always several "I forgot I had that" moments. Don't worry, the camera battery will remain charged, because we never know what I might find!


Anonymous said...

Hey Theresa,

Thanks for the Sunday get away. It's always a treat (and welcomed break in the hectic pace I keep) to sit down and conversate with intelligent and creative women on intelligent and creative topics, share ideas, eat a great lunch and bead at the same time in the same room on the same day! (I keep humming Juanita's ring tone. Hee hee). Do you think we could ever convince GG to move to the hill country so she can be a little closer. (okay maybe the city) I missed seeing Linda too and hope Linda's husband is doing well! I had a great time - thanks for the invite.

On the way home Cathey and I stopped at the outlet mall - my intent was to stop at the Bali store for some unmentionables but guess what's right next door(Coldwater Creek). Well we HAD to go in there. Cathey found some great pieces and she found a jacket for me too! Guess what color..... They had a great sale going on and we were able to do a little damage. "Wink-wink"

Well I better scoot - its your Blog not mine. Duh. Thanks again for being the wonderful hostess and artist that you are ... Hugs to all till we meet again my friends.


Bead-Mused said...

Aw Juls, you always know just what to say! I can't wait to see your knew purple jacket! And I'm glad you came -- we don't have the chance to get together as much as we used to.

As for GG, well I've been trying to get her to move up here since I met her! And now that she's the Clutter Fairy, well . . .

I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh Juls!!! Wish I'd known you were stopping at the outlet mall -- I have 2 books of coupons for Tanger to sell!!! ;-D (fundraiser for the dance team) Oh well, glad you two found some good stuff!!! ;-D

T - had a blast on Sunday!! As usual.
And I stayed true to form and had my major mistake! Woohoo!!! Thanks again!! gaye ;)

Bead-Mused said...

I had a great time, too. Hey, at least your big mistake was within the first 15 minutes and not after three weeks!! 8-) I'm working on the next project, unless ya'll can start a petition & get Pam to teach her sample (hint, hint).


Anonymous said...

Pam Pleeezzeeeeeeeee?????? ;-D g

Bead-Mused said...

Pam says she has to finish it first. I don't know why it's taking her so long --- it's not like she has anything else to do, right?? *snort*