Monday, September 24, 2007

Beads. What else?

This is one of those days that beg to be conducted from bed. I feel tired to my bones. There is no apparent reason, maybe it's a delayed reaction to all the stress in the house these past few weeks. But that's how my life goes. It's just that the older I get, it gets more difficult to deal with the weird little aches and pains and the big energy lags.

I beaded this weekend. And I sold spiders. I have a few more left. As for the beading, well, it's coming along. After I finish this necklace (for me), I will be designing and planning for sales in the spring, mostly with the EGA.

A is home today with a tummy ache, I got up late, so N got up late (I am her alarm clock, evidently). T-man was off early, early this morning to go work in Austin. He did take the entire weekend off to putter around the house, mow the lawn, vacuum the pool, fix the truck, and make some stepping stones! That is how he relaxes.

The angels were here yesterday so we could brainstorm. We came up with lots of ideas for new kits! Y'all are going to love them! I'll be giving sneak peeks here and there. Tracey gets first peeks though.

Okay, I'm off to go sit on the couch and finish my necklace. It should be done today, as not much is left.
Happy beading!