Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twice In A Row Is Not A Coincidence

The hen house door was opened again and the chickens were out in the yard. Yes, I had yard chickens this morning. They were funny when they ran after Ariel back to their yard for feed, followed by our littlest kitten. She has decided that she is a BIG cat and can take down anything! I closed the door and PULLED on it with all my #*% pounds behind me. It does not open on its own, kids. Someone is opening the hen house, probably looking for eggs. I don't think they'll be doing it again. I do think the sheriff will be at our house just before the sun comes up, though. And I did send T-man the layman's wording of Texas law regarding shooting trespassers. Don't worry, he said he won't shoot the guy. The problem is we think we know who it is, which is too bad. You like to foster good relations with your neighbors, right? But if I find out we have had eggs all this time and we didn't get any of them, there will be hell to pay!! What I would give right now to have nice Amish neighbors like Margot! The saddest part of this tale is that we share our goodies with our neighbors and ask for nothing in return. They don't even have to ask us for veggies, etc! T-man happily goes door to door, tomatoes or cantaloupes in hand. So why is this person going into our hen house? People never fail to amaze me.

Web site work is on the very near horizon. Blechpht!! I am not a fan of Front Page and I have to struggle just to update one page, let alone all of them. Yes, I want sympathy here, damn it! I need a cyber genie to just read my mind and get all the computerish things done for me.

Ah, but tomorrow is a BEADY Friday! And I haven't been in so long!! I'm really looking forward to that. Saturday night is card or video game night this week, so that will be fun. And then Sunday is family day. Ta-da! The weekend is planned. I hope you have fun and wonderful things planned for you and yours this weekend. I bid you a fond farewell and will keep you updated on the saga of the hen house. In the meantime, bead happy!