Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving On

Did that startle you? "She's moving on? To where?" Sorry, but I couldn't resist. I'm simply moving on from the pink/gold project to the next. Yep, I finally finished it. And your preview is a not-so-good photo, but it does convey a feel for the necklace. It turned out to be very romantic. It's quite mauve-alous, with light touches of gold and some other colors in there. I'm please with it. I just wish it hadn't taken so long to finish! So the next is, well it's a big ole surprise, is what it is! I can't give away all my secrets.

I've decided my presence on the web is way past due for an overhaul, so this weekend I'll start working on things and keep you updated as I go. And being as it's Thursday, I thought I would direct your attention to Inspire Me Thursday and Ornament Thursday, just for a little change of pace.