Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's New?

Wait, wait -- now there's something new (never mind that this is my second addendum to today's blog). Check out the links to web sites and to blogs. I've added a bunch for your surfing pleasure! Enjoy!

Okay, so I found this absolutely, weirdly cute thing on DIY. If you have little kids around or you're just feeling like a little kid, why not make a gelatin aquarium? How do I find these things? I surf. I hit a blog or site that I like, then I hit one of their links, then one of their links, etc., etc., etc.

We had a great weekend. Ariel's birthday celebration is FINALLY finished. We were at my mom and dad's house for the dual celebration of Ariel's birthday and one of the little nephew's (his is the day before hers). The two little nephews are cute and getting cuter every day. They are 14 months apart and my sister-in-law has all my sympathy.

Then it was home to floating, sipping, tubbing, sipping, eating, giggling, floating, sipping, tubbing. And we had our friends from up the road, KC and her hubby, come down. Then Sunday KC, Ariel, Natalie and I went shopping, which was great fun. The guys took a ride down to Seguin to do some work, Then we all met back here, got KC's daughter and friend, and we all played video games and hit the pool and the tub again. I can't think of many things better than a relaxing weekend with friends and family.

Yesterday was one of those lost days given to doctors and pharmacies, so not much got done, needless to say. I shall try to make amends today and get some things put up in the Etsy store and maybe a little work done on adding links to other blogs. Happy beading!