Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Is Sam Spade When You Need Him?

(cue the background music for film-noir)

This morning's commute was hellish. I tripped on my way in to the bathroom and knew the day would not be good. I finished my business there and looked for clothes to wear in the murky darkness of the room. I just had to hope everything coordinated. I stumbled from the bedroom bleary eyed and momentarily blinded by the bright light of day only to find no coffee in the coffee pot. Sometimes the small person makes some, sometimes she doesn't. Evidently this was a doesn't day. I took a quick glance at the clothes I had grabbed in the dark. Good, things matched. Hearing odd noises, I opened the utility room door to an avalanche of fur bodies. Crikey, it never looks like that many of them any other time. I was greeted by meows and purrs and soft fur rubbing my ankles. They don't make coffee, either. They sneered and muttered something about not having thumbs. Crapola. I decided that I was going to have to make the coffee myself. I poured in the water, measured the grounds, hit that special button, and then the waiting began. I heard an odd noise outside and quickly went to investigate. It looked like the county had finally started repaving the main road to fix the repaving they did last year. It took them six months and when the road was finished, it worse than it was before they started. Maybe this time they would get it right. The roar, the bang and the beep of road machinery would be my background music today. I went back in to check the coffee pot, but still no luck. I had to find something to take my mind off the nonexistent coffee, so I opened the email and was greeted by responses to a dilemma put forth to my beady group the day before. Somehow the topic went from my request for advice to homemade tortillas. Damn, that made me hungry but there were no homemade tortillas in the house and no good substitute. It was a good thing the coffee was ready so I didn't have to start looking for bad things to eat. There would have been hell to pay if that had happened. But back to the coffee. It looked good enough to drink. It was dark and rich, just the way I like it. All it needed was a dollop of amaretto cream and it would be killer. Ah, that first sip was good. It was worth the wait, even if it was cheap. I settled in to read more emails and do some investigating on the world wide web, but the browser was slow. I wondered if it was connected to the road work outside, but that thought would have to wait until later, until after the coffee and I were through with our business for the day.