Friday, August 1, 2008

Everything Is A-Okay Today!

No loose chickens this morning, thank goodness. We have one of those infared door bells for the driveway, which T-man mounted out by the door of the hen house. It went off at 12:30 this morning, but we think it may have been one of the cats, as there were no two-legged varmints about. We'll keep it up for a few nights and see what happens. By the way, that is a BIG adrenaline rush.

Beading with the Friday group was great! I hadn't seen everyone in so long. There were a couple of friends I missed, but hopefully I'll make the next get-together and they will be there.

Got to run --- groceries need to be bought and we must fly before traffic gets too awful. Bead away, beadlings.