Monday, August 18, 2008

Blue Monday

Yuck. I know we need rain, but today is just overcast and gray and dreary. It just drizzles and doesn't really rain. Let's just say I could never live in Seattle. The amusing side of the weather is Annabelle. When she goes out to do her business in the grass, her belly gets wet. Then she streaks into the house and scoots around on her belly trying to get dry. Yes, we laugh at her expense.

The big excitement in our house is school starting next week. Ariel will be in middle school this year, and she is excited. OMG, she gets a LOCKER! Yep, it's more than mom can handle right now. HAH! They have all day orientation Thursday and she cannot wait. I'm really glad that she is looking forward to this so much, and I'm hoping she isn't too let down after a couple of weeks of school. We'll just have to wait and see.

Suzanne Cooper has a new blog! Check it out.

And inspiration hit big time last week, so I'm almost finished with the latest piece and then I have one more to do before they all get shipped off to be approved or discarded. Well, it's not really that bad. I either get accepted as a teacher or I don't. If not, then they go off to the next proposal and I do the wait and see game again. It's kind of a vicious cycle, which once started becomes difficult to end so I keep it interesting with new projects to throw out there.

We did do some fun things Saturday. I went to the hardware store for supplies (wait and see!) and then we had game night with KC and family. What fun things did you do this weekend?