Thursday, August 21, 2008

Up At The Crack Of Dawn

Argh, is this rough. Apologies to all my working-outside-the-house friends, but it was DIFFICULT to get up this morning and get Ariel off to orientation! I've truly gotten used to sleeping in. (Yeah, yeah -- I know. I'm a slug. By the way, I'm sitting here in my jammies as I type.) She has an all-day thing at school today. They get a big tour of the school so they'll know where everything is come Monday. I was up around 7:00. She has been up since 5:30. Do you think she was a little excited about today? When I dropped her off, her little face was the weensiest bit forlorn. I think she'll be okay though. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) she and Em don't have any classes together, but I'm sure they will be on the phone for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Here's a sneak peek of the current project, which is just about finished. Then I've got one last piece to stitch, then I write up the proposals and then I send them off. This one is so far away from the original idea and sketch that it is almost frightening. I joke about letting the beads decide what's going to happen, but this time it was surreal! They just took control and away we went!!

I really don't have much else today, so I'm going to get back to finishing this piece. I told Ariel that we must practice getting Mom up early tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday so I'll be able to do so next week. But I'm not giving up working in my jammies! No sirree. I think I'll be like Hugh Hefner and work in my jammies all the time. I'll start collecting different jammie sets so I can have different ones to wear each day. Yep, sounds like a plan!

And I must correct my post about Guilty Pleasures. The parasailor's friends did not tape his adventure. It was, in fact, caught quite serendipitously by a news camera as our sailor was caught by a "surprise" gust of wind! I still maintain that parasailing during a tropical storm is not the brightest idea.