Friday, August 29, 2008

Pregnant Cats And Beads

Some of you know our problems with Casey (that's her up there a couple of years ago), aka Slut Kitty, and how she can streak out the door between your feet every four months or so. Last time it was T-man who let her slip out the door. HAH! He did it, not me, not one of the kids. Anyway, do you know how to tell when a cat is ready to have her kittens? Well, she goes rooting around for a place to make a nest. Casey is in the utility room now, in a big box, having her litter of kittens. Yesterday, however, this was not the case. Yesterday she was rooting around, looking for a nice nesting spot. Do you want to know where she was rooting? Of course you do. That's why you've kept reading. She was rooting in my bookshelves of beads. Do you want to know what she did while she was rooting? Well, I'll tell you what she did. She managed to very quietly knock a small trunk off the shelf. In that small trunk were two bead trays filled with Delicas®, seed beads, needles, thread, wire, findings and two partially finished projects. In knocking it off the shelf, she managed to knock the lid off of it. Yep, she did that and didn't even let me know. When I found it last night as I was headed for the bedroom, I just about had my own litter of kittens. Argh.

It's Friday. Are you glad? It's a three-day weekend, too. T-man is still getting used to the fact that he gets paid holidays. His hilarious comment last night was "I don't have time for a day off." Oh my stars, my hubby has turned into a Type A workaholic. I talked him into quitting the lawn business because I wanted him to have time to relax and now all he thinks about is work. He brought work home last night! He has turned into what I was 13 years ago. It's role reversal at it's finest, kids.

I didn't go play with the Friday beading group today. There are too many little things left to do to send projects off to be accepted or rejected. I'm trying to be professional and not get everything in just under the wire this time. I don't want the stress involved with doing things in that manner. For once, I'd like to have a few days to spare and breathe easy, which is what we are going to do on Monday. Pork brisket and corn on the cob will be on the grill and maybe I'll fry up some okra. How's that for home cooking? Betcha didn't think I could do stuff like that, did ya? And nothing says end of summer better, except maybe some homemade ice cream and a last dip in the pool to top it all off. Aw, who am I kidding? This is Central Texas in the midst of a heat wave. We'll be floating until mid-October at the least!!

Have a deliciously relaxing weekend!