Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anniversary Fun

We went to IKEA and came home with a few inexpensive necessities. I also came home with new ideas for the kitchen, the guest bath and the master bed and bath and I'll still have money left over! Oh my stars, that place is wicked evil. Then we went . . .


Yes, yes, it's true. We went bowling. We went to probably the cheapest bowling lanes in Austin. Next time we get that particular bug up our rears, we will go to the more expensive lanes. The balls had chips in them! Some of them had plastic liners in the holes because the holes were so chipped. They looked like people had taken pocket knives to them to make them larger. I kid you not. I could not find the right ball. I need a very light ball, because I am a frail, fragile flower of femininity. Also, I am very weak and wussy. The very light balls have very tiny finger holes because they save them for the children, you see. I finally found a ball with the right size holes.

We bowled three games. After the first game, our scores were so pitiful that T-man started looking for beer. Lo and behold, they had Guinness! My man was happy and no longer cared about his score. We bowled a second game. It's hard to bowl when you're laughing as hard as we were. By the third game, I decided to change the rules and make the scores more like golf. You know, the lowest score wins. My last game I bowled a 24. What does that tell you?

We had a blast, though. And no, I didn't get on the back of the bike. We've had bad thunderstorms in the afternoons, so we took the car. But we're still planning on a ride here in the near future, and I'll be sure to take the camera along. As for today, every joint in my body aches and I feel like I was hit with a bunch of bowling balls! I'm off for the sofa and a lap full of beads! Go check out Pam's Goddess Beads and check out Angela Cartwright's images of her own baby bird leaving the nest (you'll have to scroll down a bit). And don't forget that it's Thursday. Later, beadlings!