Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who Lives Inside You?

No, it is not a weird question. It's a very important question. We all have someone living inside us, someone a bit different from the outside persona. Think about it. Is there a part of you that wants to spring forth, a part that you keep tucked quietly away in the recesses of your mind, a part that you firmly believe is just a fantasy? And no, I'm not speaking in terms of personality integration. I will elaborate.

Inside me there lives an artist. She is an artist who paints with watercolors. She paints delectable, dainty tableaux in muted Victorian colors with oodles of blossoms and lace. She paints portraits of elegant women with translucent skin like the one above, and babies swathed in lace christening gowns and little girls with ringlets caught up in huge satin bows. She sips tea out of fine china cups that let the light shine through, and she lives in a loft in Paris and watches the world stroll by her windows that face north, because that's where the best light lives. And she cradles a white Persian cat while she watches and sips and dreams.

Me? I can't draw a straight line. Okay, so maybe I can draw a little. This is one of my drawings. I live in a world littered with tiny bits of glass, and most of my cats are Russian blue or coal black. I work with needle and thread, and watercolors just frustrate me (yes, I gave them a try). My windows face east and west, where I get to watch glorious sunsets. And no one walks down our road, but we do get to hear the coyotes sing almost every night. It's a long way from here to Paris, unless you mean Paris, Texas. I also have a writer who lives in there (I have written and have won small awards), and a singer (once upon a time), and a photographer (I try), a free spirited hippie chick, and a gypsy queen who dances in the moonlight (did that, too). They all get along quite well, not that I'm talking to my other identities or anything.

My point is this. If I did not have all those other creative personae screaming for attention in the back of my mind, would I still have the strong streak of creativity that drives me to do what I love to do? So there, beadlings, is your question for the day.

I am working on a little "thank you" for Miss A, who had to load the car for Mommy and help Daddy set up Mommy's booth at the ASG exhibit and show. She's such a good kid! They are both good kids. Aw hell, let's just throw T-man in there too! I'm a lucky, lucky woman!


Anonymous said...

Hi T!
You probably have two of the greatest kids on the planet. If I knew they would turn out half as awsome as your chica's I would have kids. With my luck they'd turn out like me. :]
To answer your question, there are several "personas". The Wild Woman, she has no brakes, everything is done full throttle. She goes Bunjee jumping because she's having a bad day and needs feel alive (she's only been out once, and yes, I did). There is also Suzy Homemaker(you name the stain she can get it out), and Medicine Woman(no not like Jane Seymour). Then there is the Artist/Designer. She is bold, uninhibited, and totally successful. Let's just say I want to be her when I grow up. ;)


Bead-Mused said...

Aw thanks, Clara. I've done my best to raise compassionate, caring, responsible children.

Bungee jumping??? I would never have guessed. But I have met the Medicine Woman and the Artist/Designer. And who says you have to grow up to be her? You're already there, chica!