Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vampires Suck

I saw the witch doctor and this is what he said. "One more test." Yep, one more blood test and if it doesn't show what he's looking for, then I must find another specialist for another part of the body. At least the phlebotomists at the clinic I go are good and fairly painless. *sigh* And if this test does show what he's looking for, it's easily fixed. Cross your fingers.

I need to take photos, and it's a perfect day for it. It's gorgeous outside and T-man is taking a day off, which he richly deserves. I do believe he's going to putter in his workshop or just veg in front of the telly. Then we're going to have Family Night with a bad sci-fi movie and card games while we make fun of the movie. So, a little work and a little play make for a much happier me. Tomorrow I need to type up some instructions and put together a few new kits for the show next weekend with the Austin Stithcers. This is the Nefertiti Earring. Coming soon to ears near you!Big Honkin' Earring I'm off, but then y'all knew that, didn't you?