Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Latest Project

Yes, there it is. Isn't it lovely? sigh I'm chugging along last night, thinking that this baby was almost done. Then I notice that waaaaaaay back there, I've totally skipped a bead. See it? WAAAAAAAAAYYYY back there. Not only that, but I start looking at the length of this thing (it's supposed to be a business card case) and it's a bit short. I take it off the support tube and it's A LOT TIGHT! Oh my stars, have I been stressing??? And to top it all off I can barely squeeze one card into it. CRIKEY! So, I get the computer out to redesign, then I get the scissors out to unbead. The only saving grace was being able to watch my friend Judy's husband Frank on Trading Spaces. I actually met Judy many, many years ago at a Houston Bead Society bead bazaar. I get to see them now every year, when I got to Houston in November. Frank is a hoot! And I love to watch people's faces when they realize he is someone they've seen on TV. It is a gas!

And speaking of celebrities, I was surfing in the wee small hours of the morning (new meds induced insomnia!), and who should I happen upon but the delightful Margot Potter doing her stint on QVC. Even at 2:00 a.m. the girl looks gorgeous, and the jewelry is to die for!

Okay, you must go check this out. These are polymer clay by Jill Newman, also known as Tatercat. I once bid on one of her pieces on Just Beads. It was a three-dimensional fox head, with the ears connected by links. It was fanfreakintastic. I had to stop when the bidding went over $90. Damn, her stuff is out of this world!

Here is the ever elusive Callie. Callie was dumped out here when she was about 10 weeks old. We believe she was mistreated in a house with small children. She has finally stopped cringing when you lift you hand and she tolerates being in the same room with A. I can pet her, but it is very infrequent. She has a new pastime. She meows until I come throw a big, wooden bead for her. She would be content to do this all day, and doesn't understand the sentence "I need to work now, cat!" She is one of the very few cats I have that isn't gray or black. Isn't she pretty?

I'm leaving now, to start the card case AGAIN. I've made sure this time that it is long enough and wide enough. But first, I'll need to find something for the support tube since I increased the diameter. So, off I go on a scavenger hunt. See you tomorrow, bead friends, same bead time, same bead channel! (Holy Trademark and Copyright Infringement, Batman! Can she do that?)


Margot Potter said...

Frank is my favorite designer on that show. He did a Mexican themed kitchen once I still dream about. He's amazing and seems like the nicest person ever. My first CHA Show he was there sitting at a table and I was too shy to say hello, but I stalked him from afar. Hee.

Thanks for the's a lot of spackle and some well placed hilites...and good lighting! You should see me at 7am...I've been known to scare the feathers off of the chickens!


Bead-Mused said...

Aw, you should've talked to him! He's wonderful.

And the compliment was well deserved!