Friday, February 22, 2008

Today's Rant Is Brought To You By . . . . .

CHUBBY GIRLS NEED JAMMIES, TOO!!! OOOOOOOOO, so pissed. You may remember that for tonight's sleep study; I will need something to sleep in. Something comfortable to sleep in, as stated in the literature. So yesterday when A got home, off we went to my two favorite department stores. These stores both usually have plenty of selection for those of us who wear sizes at the upper end of the "-teens" (if you know what I mean). Well, apparently they have plenty of selection in everything EXCEPT pajamas! Sheesh! After much searching through the leftover Valentine's specials (no, I don't think that red and black lace baby doll with thong will work for the sleep study), I found a few selections (emphasis on FEW) and went to try them on. Oh, that's always fun. I get to see my butt in three different views. Anyway, I finally found some made by JCP's featured jammie source, and they actually fit and they are comfy and cute. They say "Garden Goddess", which A just loved, although I don't see why I would wear my Garden Goddess label in bed anymore than I would wear my Dream Goddess label for gardening (giggle). I really wanted the ones that said "Ruff Night?" with a little dog on them, because that's usually how my nights are, but alas they only had little sizes. By the way, the doctors all believe that if I can start getting restful sleep on a consistent basis, some of the pounds will disappear. We'll see.

Last night Miss A and I made the birthday bracelet. She told me she was going to design it herself. She did acquiesce to some suggestions from me, albeit reluctantly. It turned out very nice. Unfortunately, A grabbed it up to put it in a box with a bow before I could take pictures. It is truly something tweens will love.

And at 3:00 a.m. this morning a thunderstorm with hail blew through! It was totally unannounced and unexpected, and it dropped the temps a good 20 degrees! T-man wrenched his back jumping out of bed to close the windows. Then he took forever to get back to sleep. Hey! Maybe I will get some sleep tonight after all!!

So today I'm going to sit and bead and watch TV and try not to think about the sleep study. Here is an interesting article from the N.Y. Times on sleep. And since I'm not allowed naps today or tomorrow, you might just get a little blurb over the weekend. Sunday I expect to be totally exhausted, if for no other reason than this tiny fact --- the sleep study ends at 5:30 a.m. each morning! I'll just leave you with that thought.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, but true, we need sleep. Hubby has Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He actually stopped breathing an average of 92 times per hour during his sleep study. He uses a C-pap machine. (His first nights sleep was Heaven for him and Hell for me. I kept waking up because he wasn't snoring.)Sleep is highly under-rated. It affects everything, metabolism, libido, mental clarity, not to mention that people tend to doze off at inopportune moments like while driving. If your Dr. suggests a C-pap machine to help you sleep, take it. (there are several different "mask" styles, choose what is most comfortable for you).
As for the jammies, I feel your pain. I actually found some that were comfy at that soul-less-smiley-faced-blue-store-from-hell. They're knit and draw string. They're more like baggy yoga pants. The top is a tank with built in "support".
Good luck with your sleep study. Maybe you and T-man can get matching C-pap machines.


Bead-Mused said...

The first night was an experience. Tonight I do the CPAP and I'll post tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned! And believe me, Thursday night I was seriously considering having T-man signed up for his very own study!