Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Love Central Texas!

I am a native Texan; I've lived in Texas all my life. I've lived in Central Texas for most of my life. It's a beautiful place to be. For instance, yesterday it hit 92 degrees. Yes, February is not finished, spring has not yet sprung, but we had 92 lovely, sunny, warm and breezy degrees yesterday. The kids wore shorts! Tonight, we have a freeze expected. Yup, you gotta love it!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. I got a lot done on a new kit sample. There are days when I have seriously considered writing a book. How about The Dummies Guide to Wasting Time? I think I could do it justice! HAH! I am very talented at wasting away the hours, but I have been very productive these past two days, and am exceedingly pleased with myself.

This is pretty cool: It is a morph of Women in Film. The link will open a new page, so you might want to stop the music on my blog to catch the music playing during the slide show. I found it on Kate's site.

My friend Linda pointed out something interesting the other day. Did the women at the Oscars seem to be wearing a lot less jewelry this year? There were an awful lot of strapless gowns with bare necks. Where was all the glitz? The flash? The blinding light of 20 carats of diamonds?? I guess it's just one of those things that make you go "Hmmmm . . .”