Monday, February 4, 2008

A Chicken Without A Head

Magic Carpet
That's me, running around in circles, flapping my wings, getting no where fast. What? You expected me to post a picture of headless chicken? Nooooo, that would get me in trouble with PETA. So instead, you get a picture of one of my best selling patterns.

I got the boxes from Tracey with the goodies for this weekend's Austin Stitchers' Stitching From the Heart exhibit. In addition to my kits, patterns and instructions, I'll also have items from Threaded Needle Designs, Deb Moffet-Hall, Chris Maines (patterns for a Muse doll), Dawn Dalto, and Ann Paxton (she no longer has a web site, but you know her work when you see it). Plus, I'll have some Delica beads on hand and a few extras. I love this show, and love the ladies (and gentlemen) who put it together.

So, today is a very, very short post as I must get my crap together in just a few short days! But then I work well under a bit of pressure. So, I will leave you with what A said as I dropped her at school this morning: “Is it Friday yet? It’s Monday and I’m at school and I’m already bored.” Oh, she is sooooo her daddy’s child!

Catch you later!