Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well Bah

The weekend came and went. I would have been better off to stay home and work on new items for seminar. The SABOS bazaar was a huge disappointment. On the upside, I got to spend time with the other three High Priestesses of the Temple of the Goddess of Beading, I got to see lots of friends I only see at bead shows, and I got one of Heather Powers' sea urchin beads. Mine is even green! Thank you, Heather! And I got to meet her talented hubby and her lovely girls.

My Sonific Songspot is gone. They have voluntarily taken their site down, with a big explanation as to why, which I totally understand. This really sucks, as I enjoyed hunting for good songs, funny songs to entertain you, and even found a few CDs I'd like to add to our collection here at home. Maybe something else will come along.

It's kind of muggy today. The bullfrogs are singing in the creek and the mockingbird that has a nest in my big trumpet vine is a very happy fellow. Apparently there are beetles coming up out of the ground that make a sound which is irritating to Oliver. He spends his days barking at the ground, which can be irritating to me. The kittens are extremely mobile and will chase anyone who walks by them, meowing to be picked up.

I've lost a bit of weight (did you like that segue?), and people ask me how. I reply "I got chickens". Let me use this morning as an example. When we first got them, they were tiny fluffs that weighed nothing, and they stayed in the house. When it got warm, we built them a pen and I took them outside in a cat carrier. The also stayed in the same carrier at night. They got bigger and the carrier got heavier. I would carry them out, sit down, put them in the pen, get up, get their food and water, sit down, play with them and get up. I did this several times a day, mind you. Then I carried them in at night, sat down, got their waterer, got up, refilled it, got back down and played, then got up again. Now they are HUGE. They are using Oliver's portable kennel. They must still come in at night as the smaller ones still don't have belly feathers and they do not yet have a coop, so T-man brings the kennel in, with the chickens in it. This morning (you thought I'd never get back here, didn't you?) I looked out and noticed that their waterer had been turned over, so I went out to fix it. They all promptly escaped. Now picture me, a short, chubby woman in her Garden Goddess jammies, running in circles trying to get all these half grown chickens back in their pen. I got all but one in there. I spent 15 minutes chasing him around and around and around the pen. I think he enjoyed it, and yes I did say "he". It seems the two Easter chicks we adopted are both ROOSTERS, or as T-man puts it, Dinner and Supper. And they are feisty! Plus one of them is learning to crow, which is the oddest sound you'll ever here coming from your kitchen at 6:00 a.m.

So today, now that all the chickens are back in their pen, I will get back to the business of beading and creating beading kits, typing my class instructions for seminar, etc, etc, etc. I hope your weekend was a good one and I hope you are having a great day!