Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Art of Contemplation

I've spent the day contemplating, not my belly button, but where I want to take my little business. I'd like for it to be a big business, but the economy might have to change drastically for that to happen, plus I'd like to remain a one person show. I could be content with money for groceries every month. My biggest challenge is that, in order to succeed, I will need to travel. ugh

I'm talking airplanes, airport security, air travel restrictions, airport traffic, flight cancellations, and new fees that pop up over night. Maybe I could take a train? And I'm a girl who likes sleeping in her own bed. I like sleeping in my own house, where the sounds are all familiar. And I must say, I like sleeping next to my husband, even when he hogs the bed. Yes, yes, I'm making excuses. Probably so.

There are also a lot of steps I can take in cyber space to expand my empire. In fact, I've been making a list and it's grown quite extensive. I keep telling myself (and everyone else) that I'll get to it as soon as seminar is finished. Oh my stars, am I going to busy when seminar is finished! Probably just as busy as I am right now. There's the web site that needs things fixed, there are links to add to the blog, the Etsy store needs attention, etc., etc., etc.

So beadlings, today I have contemplated my life with beads and I still don't have the answer to why the sky is blue, other than it is an indication of where to stop mowing. And yes, I am still in the market for a good, used replicator. Bead on!