Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tap Tap, Tapity Tap, Tapity Tap Tap Tap

I am typing away today. I've got one more piece of stitching to finish and type, then I'm putting together all the kits.

Did I mention that the chicken coop and hen house got finished at last? Well, they did. Talk about some happy campers! (and I mean us AND the chickens) I had to take them all into the house the first night. At dusk, they were all huddled in the corner, cheeping for Mama Hen. T-man had to pass them through their little doors and I put each of them on the roost. Then we closed the doors so they would stay in all night. The next morning, we let them out and fed them. We got home after dark Monday and they were all in the house! Smart little buggers, aren't' they? Now they go in each night on their own. They've made it theirs in more ways than I care to describe. But they are happy. And some of them are starting to cluck. My babies are growing up!

Needless to say, today you get another quickie. You do get a quote today, not necessarily an art quote, but it's a good quote:
A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.
Samuel Butler

Bead it! Now scram!