Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hump day, schlump day. Does it really matter? It's just another day of the week, right?

Shameless self-promotion and other things: I will be in San Antonio this weekend for the San Antonio Bead & Ornament Society's bead bazaar. Visit their web site for details and maps. Friday night and all day Saturday Natalie will be at the Kyle/Buda area's Relay for Life. Visit their team's web site for details and maps and please consider making a donation!

The chickens are growing. I think the new ones are both roosters, or as T-man says "dinner". The kittens are growing, and hopefully I'll find new homes for them. Pictures will be posted soon (i.e. next week).

And I cannot tarry. I'm steadily plodding along getting things together. I hope to see some of you this weekend, even if it is to just drop by and say "hello". Don't worry -- bead happy!


Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend!!! I'd like to come down on Sunday but it's looking iffy... This is the dance team's big Spring Show weekend (Fri. & Sat) and V has several out of town friends coming to Saturday's show and staying the weekend... House o'teens could be interesting!!!! Luv & luck!! g

Bead-Mused said...

You should come just to get away from them! Or you could bring them along . . . . HAH!