Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Short Post

Okay, so it will probably be a week of short posts. I'm a busy woman!

I take back every thing I ever said about chickens being dumb. Really. They have proven me wrong. But if you need a good belly laugh, put a cricket in a pen with a dozen chicks. No, I didn't put it in there, it hopped in of its own volition. But it was hilarious. On the upside, they now recognize bugs as food.

Ariel won a radio contest this morning. She's been trying since last year to do this. We listen to one of the Austin stations on the way to school because they have a kids' contest every day. Today's contest was an Earth Day quiz. She was VERY excited about winning, and it looks like we're going to a baseball game.

MUST-SEE LINKS: Go visit Heather Powers' blog Humblebeads. In appreciation of higher gas prices, Heather has provided a budget friendly free project. Pam has posted BEADS on her blog in preparation for the San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society bazaar. Creativity Portal is a new one and will be added to the links over there later. I have just begun exploring this site. Ornamental is a truly gorgeous blog owned by Nina Bagley. And just for something different, visit Go Make Art.

Now I really must go to work. Oh, I could easily sit here all day, rambling about chickens, kittens, mittens, etc. I could find you hundreds of links to visit, but then what would we do next week? So, it's time for me to type other things for the remainder of the day. Your quote for the day:
“No great thing is created suddenly.” Epictetus