Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Natasha & The Psychic Vampire, or The Saga Of Hot Check Hattie

The story you are about to read is true. It is humorous and it is not so humorous. I, myself, have been the victim of psychic vampires, and when Natasha sent me this, I felt her pain. My encounter left me confused, stumbling, utterly exhausted, and with a migraine that could have killed a horse. It also caused me to spend an extra night in Houston. I'm just lucky GG is such a good friend and put up with me! I've also had similar experiences with bad check writers, and I have been kept apprised of Natasha's trouble and travail regarding Hattie. By the way, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent (Natasha and Boris picked the names, not me). Neither moose nor squirrel was injured during this event First, here's a bit of background info on Natasha and her hubby, Boris. They have a tiny little jewelry shop in a city not too far from here. It is an extremely cute little shop, and when you walk into it, you feel the positive energy. Natasha and Boris both make wonderful jewelry, and they are dear friends of ours, plus we have several friends in common. Natasha loves her little shop, even though she keeps threatening to close it up. I know she's curl up and die without it. Here's the scoop, in Natasha's own words:

Hattie came in on Saturday, and tried to get away with only paying the $96.77 and not reimbursing me for the $50 in fees I incurred and the $25 NSF charge. She asked for proof. Yes, I had it. She claimed that she'd been by on five occasions and I hadn't been coming in, claiming she'd even been in on Easter Sunday. I informed her that not only had I not been closed, I arrive at 730am and leave when the building closes. And as for Easter, I was one of the last people to leave the building. I actually stood my ground. Hattie said she would return when she had the complete amount. When I informed her that I would be filing charges with the DA in a week, she said she'd be in Sunday with the cash. She came in early. I was a nervous wreck before she came in. Ten minutes after she left, the negative energy she brought with her and the two months of stress actually made me physically ill. I got a violent episode of what can only be described as motion sickness/vertigo. Boris was so calm, he kept me from panicking. I asked him to close the door until it passed. I couldn't believe it, I'm on the floor behind the counter retching into my trash bin, and customers are knocking on the door wanting to shop. So, we re-open. Yeah! I'm still puking, and customers are coming in completely undisturbed by the site or sound of me. They were so sweet. I'm apologizing for the situation and they're trying to comfort me, offering to buy me water or a Sprite to settle my stomach. My faith in our customers is renewed. We are very blessed to have them all. You would have been so proud, we continued to sell through this two hour ordeal. And, yes, we cleansed the bad energy from the shop. We broke out the entire arsenal, incense, candles and Holy Water. As quickly as it began the motion sickness vanished.

All in all, it was an awesome day.

Poor Natasha. Poor Boris! He is a sweetheart to do all that for her. Yep, Natasha now belongs to that semi-exclusive club called "Victims of Psychic Vampires", also known as "Do I Have Some Kind of Sign on My Back??" I've been a long time member, but didn't realize what was going on with these people until just a few years ago. I just keep getting this image of Natasha down behind the counter with her head in the trash can, customers asking for her only to hear the echo of her voice from the can! Poor baby!

Class on Monday was fine, and the ladies in Georgetown were wonderful, but I was a bit distracted. I had to leave Ariel by herself until T-man got home. Normally this would not have upset me, but she had a fever of 100.1 and severe pain in her jaw. I dosed her with acetaminophen and ibuprofen before I left. Well, we went to visit the doctor today and come to find out she has strep throat. Poor baby, she feels lousy but she has started taking her antibiotics and she'll start feeling better soon. This was the first time she has had her throat swabbed, and she did not enjoy it. There were quite a few duck noises involved.

I birthed a new bracelet pattern with three color ways last night. I also had a great Mother's Day pattern all worked out and my Mac decided to lose power due to a loose power connection. I fixed that, but lost the pattern in the process. Amd now it's time to get back to typing and drawing, which is comical since I can't draw much of anything. It's a very good thing that Word has a draw feature, or I'd be totally screwed! I can't wait to get my Fly Pen this summer, but I can't get it if I don't get off my duff and start making some green, so hasta la vista, babies!