Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Again With The Short Stuff?

You betcha! Lots to do, places to go, people to deal with. Actually, I must go buy a printer cartridge (oh, I can't wait for the laser printer) and I must go get some zip lock bags for patterns that were ordered. Then it's back to the computer.

I'm very proud of myself right now. This new way of working (no last minute rushing) is pretty cool. I was just discussing this with T-man. He said he noticed that I was being awfully calm, cool and collected. What stunned him about this was the realization that the San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society Bazaar is only 10 days away! Usually by this time I turn into something that even Damien would have feared. Plus, I've gotten so many things done by simply relaxing and realizing that I cannot do everything I wish to do when I wish to do it. Is that as clear as mud? I thought so. Picture this: The year is 2007 and I am preparing for the EGA SCR seminar. I'm panicking because not all of the beads are tubed and priced (this was my last official bead sale). I'm panicking because I didn't get all the kits made that I wanted to take. By the time I get there, I'm still tense and frustrated, irritable, and perpetually on the verge of tears. This made for a very difficult week. And I had just found out about a bunch of gastro-intestinal problems that had the potential for becoming dangerous, so all that crapola didn't sit well if you know what I mean.

Well, no more. Stress and frustration are bad for Theresa. The new improved Theresa is relaxed. When I reach serene, I'll throw a party. Really. Big bash in the back yard. Serenity here I come!