Thursday, April 17, 2008


My mother-in-law is coming by today with T-man's grandmother. MIL says Nana wants to see the house. I truly believe it's more along the lines that MIL wants Nana to see the house. And I did get 24 hours notice. There is only one problem with them coming to see the houseI don't clean house. I told T-man this when he moved in. He is okay with that. I am no June Cleaver, and I cannot afford a housekeeper like Carol Brady. No one has a problem with my lack of cleaning duties except for one person, and she doesn't live here. I've recently adopted Cat's philosophy -- if you see a mess, YOU clean it. Oddly enough, my house is sparkling according to the latest visitors. Don't get me wrong. We do not live in filth and squalor, no no. It's just that I don't always dust, I don't always vacuum, and things have a tendency to pile up here and there, especially since (evidently) T-man is still not finished painting the living room (he looked up the other night and decided it needed a second coat). And the new flooring cannot go up until the living room is painted. The floating shelves cannot go up until the living room is painted, which means the five boxes in my studio won't be emptied until the living room is painted. Are you starting to see a pattern?

My screen saver says "A creative woman has cobwebs in her corners, not in her mind." Oh my stars, am I creative! No, no, I'm kidding -- we got rid of the cobwebs months ago. I do know that the prevalent train of thought is that I'm home all day, so my house should be hospital-grade sanitarily clean. After all, what else do I have to do all daySo, I'm washing towels, wiping down kitchen counters, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and locking bedroom doors. Just tell me what is to be expected of a woman who keeps chickens in her living room, a box of kittens in the utility room, an entire bead store in a 12x14 room, vegetable seedlings on her kitchen table, a hard-working husband, two kids, 14 cats and a dog?? How much can I possibly do by 4:00 today? I suppose I had better get moving.

I need more coffee!