Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Monday

procrastinateAh, procrastination. Don't you just love the way it feels? I do, at least until I realize how late I'm running and then panic sets in. Actually, I'm printing as I type.

I've been reading up on chickens. I did go to my expert adviser (my mom) this weekend. My grandparents had chickens for as long as I can remember. I have two early childhood memories of them. The best is Grandad walking around the yard with his bantam pullet Henry on his shoulder. Come to find out, Henry was a hen, but she still rode on his shoulder even after she matured. The other memory is not so good. I was always told not to go near the chicken pens by myself (varmint traps, varmints, snakes, scorpions) but one day I did. Lo and behold, there was a snake behind the door of the pen. I screamed, Grandad killed the snake (a very long white racer) and T got her bottom spanked. I must have been all of five years old, but I remember both of these things vividly. I have found another place to purchase the little buggers at a slightly lower price with more varieties of chicks! Maybe I can talk T-man into getting me some Ameraucanas so I can have blue eggs! And Marans so I can have dark brown eggs (supposedly, they taste better than the usual brown eggs), and Silkies so I have have at least one funky chicken. Whatever we get, you can bet your sweet ass that there will be pictures! By the way, I'll take pictures of the new kittens when they open their eyes. And Scruffy Cat fell in the pool this morning. Oh, she's fine. She's just a bit embarrassed.

Anyway, there's not much going on over here, so I'm headed for the little scale and the little baggies (I have always told people to think of my as their pusher!). Tomorrow I will try to regale you with stories from class. Bead happy!


Anonymous said...

Pusher? When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, I work in one of the Worlds Oldest Professions....
Bead Trader. ; )