Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Wow, what a busy weekend we had. We went to my in-law's on Saturday. T-man's grandma is down from Pennsylvania. We get to see here about once a year. T-man's mom is trying to talk Nana into moving down to Texas. We'll see how that goes. We spent most of the day there visiting and had dinner (less cooking for us!) Yesterday morning, T-man build a temporary pen for my cheepers. They really enjoyed being out in the sun. I found one little worm to give them, which caused quite a fracas. Then there was the bug that bit me and promptly got fed to the nearest chick! Oddly enough, the cats are not interested in them. Then we went to my folks' house, where T-man finally got the mower working (third time's a charm). It seems that the teenaged part-time help at the big box home improvement store (the red vests) kept giving them the wrong belts! Oh well, it works now and that's what's important. And my dad told us stories of when my grandfather used to raise fighting cocks, and his winning one-eyed rooster. And yes, it was illegal then but, as Dad says, only if you got caught. Evidently Grandad made a bundle with the one-eyed rooster. Rest assured, beadlings, mine are here strictly for the eggs. And again, we stayed for dinner (yippee!).

Today, as soon as it warms up some, I'll take the chicks outside again. I'll probably take some beading out there to sit and keep an eye on them and I'll take the camera to get some pictures of the little puff balls. Until then, I'll be sitting here typing my fingers to the bone! And remember, bead kind to others and they'll bead kind to you!