Monday, September 29, 2008


This is Bella. She's a yorkie-poo (yorkshire terrier and poodle). She's peachy and soft and so friendly. She doesn't shed! She's about 18 months old and she's mine. I missed Annabelle so much when she went with Natalie that Natalie got me my own dog to spoil. Bella's family could no longer keep her, and when I saw her picture I knew she was exactly what I wanted. She loves Ariel, and is getting along pretty well with most of the animals. She is fascinated by the chickens, even though her nose has been pecked a couple of times. She and Oliver are getting to know each other slowly. Bella is definitely an alpha female.

It's a gorgeous day here on the prairie. It's fairly cool during the days and almost chilly at night. It is supposed to get a little cooler next week. And Saturday is T-man's birthday. He's finally getting gray hairs! And yes, you can tease him about it. You have my permission.

Okay, the shopping cart is coming along at a snail's pace and I am the first to admit it. The biggest question looming in my mind is what will I put in it? Keep in mind that I got out of the retail business for a reason, and I don't want to get bogged down in selling again. So what will go in the shopping cart? Hmmm. Since there are several of you have brought it up in the past few months, give me some hints. Seriously, either leave a comment or email me with what you would like to see in the shopping cart. I'm not making any promises, but all suggestions will be considered and I'll see what I can do.