Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Addendum to BOHICA

Kate just let me know that this is a military acronym. It's one I had never heard until today. And until today my favorites had been FIIGMO and FUBAR. I worked with a lot of ex-military men (like a full bird colonel) when I worked for that State of Texas agency that will remain unnamed. I'm just guessing that they didn't want to appear crass in front of us "gals". I just love it. Let's suffice to say that every day contained some SNAFU that had been FUBAR because some flunky decided to do something entirely incorrectly with the excuse of FIIGMO. So, again I say, BOHICA, y'all.

And yes, it appears I am having one of those days, so I'm out of here before I become maudlin and bring the entire room down!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I know FUBAR & SNAFU and now know BOHICA I don't, however; know FIIGMO! lol!!! g

Bead-Mused said...

F*** it, I got my orders. Now you know!

Anonymous said...

I feel SO much more enlightened!! ;-D Thanks! g