Friday, September 12, 2008

Still Don't Know How To Read A Calendar

Nope, I don't. I'm hoping that sometime soon I learn the trick of reading one of the infernal things. On the 10th I thought to myself "I can get these out on the 14th and be okay, that gives me three more days to stitch and one day for packaging." Yeah dummy, except that the 15th is on Monday, which means everything has to go out TODAY! One nifty project doesn't get to go this time, but I've still got other proposals to send off with later deadlines. Maybe it will get included in those. Thankfully, I always have other projects on hand to submit. Otherwise, I'd be up a nasty creek in a leaky boat with no paddle.

And tonight we will batten down the hatches for any stray winds from Ike. I'm looking at the tracking maps, thinking we may be far enough west to miss out on the really nasty stuff. Right now we have a wind advisory, but we had those all spring. Fortunately it just means taking down some hanging things on the deck and securing patio furniture. But for those of you in Ike's track, our thoughts are with you. Be careful riding out the storm.

And lest I forget, I must issue a retraction. Pam was NOT an English major. In her words it was "Psychology all the way for this chica. Minor in philosophy". There, she has proven there was no English major AT ALL. lol!