Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bella And Beading

Bella and beading was very interesting. I'm right handed. Unfortunately, I had Bella's blanket on my right side. Bella's idea of helping me bead is to throw her head back onto my thigh which is where my beading tray sits.

There were no mishaps, but I think I'll move the blanket to the left today!

Hey beadlings! Where are those suggestions for items in the shopping cart? Hmmm??


Anonymous said...

How about some of those goodies from your personal stash that you're hoarding and have never let me see? I know there's some fab stuff in there.
If not that, then how about kits?

Bead-Mused said...

Kits are a possibility, but I'm not sure about those nifty things in the stash! I need them, I must have them, I take them out and fondle them on occasion!


Anonymous said...

Kits definitely! A some jewelry, beading sundries (needles, wax/thread heaven), some destash, etc, etc, etc. Not so much that you turn into a full service bead vendor, but enough get people looking and most of all shop-ping!!

But not the vintage purple(any color) lantern beads, 'cause I'm still wanting those. m'kay?


Bead-Mused said...

Okay, kits will be there. But the other destash items will be going in the Etsy store because I don't want to do retail anymore.

Yep, no retail. That's why I'm putting up a shopping cart. *sigh*