Friday, December 14, 2007

What If There Were More Than One Of Me?

Well beaders and others, I tuned in to QVC yesterday and caught Margot on the air. The woman is gorgeous and her jewelry was gorgeous. I found out that Mom has been a fan of hers for quite a while.

I must clone myself today because there is simply that much to get done. Have you ever wanted a replicator like they had on the Star Trek series? I'll take one if I can get Jean-Luc Picard to control it! Mmmm -- sexy bald man. We always wondered why, with all the technological and medical advances of that era, did he remain bald? Oh well, who cares? Please don't tell T-man. Let's just say it was a big relief to him when Steve Martin got married. I'm not sure he can handle all of my crushes at once.

If one more of me is good, why not two or even three? I just have to be careful not to let the copies make copies, because a copy of a copy loses all integrity, right?? Come on, think about it -- more of me would be a joyous thing. There would be more of me to love without my gaining another 40 pounds! Or this me could bead while another me cleaned the house and a third took over civilization and ruled the world my way. You know I'm right -- just think about putting a menopausal woman in charge. And you can bet your bottom dollar I would fill my cabinet with OTHER MENOPAUSAL WOMEN. Bwaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa!!!

As an end note, I must leave off the typing because Baby is determined to sit on my boobs. Yeah, yeah -- get all your shelf jokes out of your system. She got shut in my room yesterday and now she needs to be reassured that I have not deserted her. Do you have any idea what 10 pounds of gray cat on your boobs feels like ?? And just try to bead that way, much less type. Have a great weekend!


Margot Potter said...


Thanks for watching. I don't design the jewelry though, it's a QVC brand. I'm just paid to look purdy and provide the color commentary. It is truly a gorgeous line of jewelry, so that makes my job easy!


Bead-Mused said...

Hi There!
Well, you did a good job. There were two pieces I'm not sure I could live without but, alas, Mom already did her shopping and T-man already has something up his sleeve. I'll just have to wait til next month & see if they are still available!